The new clip of the SHARAVARABAND orchestra «Pavochka» promoting on Facebook


The Ukrainian modern folk orchestra SHARAVARABAND


January 2016


With the zero-based budget on advertizing to provide high-quality clip promoting on the social networks thanks to leaders’ opinions and media


SMM, media PR


9 videos’ publications on Facebook pages are carried out: Public TV, Forbes, the Obozrevatel, the Radio Svoboda, the Breakfast with 1 + 1 program, M1, Espreso TV, the «Day» newspaper and also the post of the leading TSN on 1 + 1 presenter Solomiya Vitvitska. The audience coverage is more than 53 000 viewings.
Additionally, it is organized the videos’ publications on the Espresso TV, the Radio Svoboda and the «Day» newspaper pages and on the VKontakte and Twitter social networks. 15 news broadcast on the videos’ presentation in online media, particularly on the Obozrevatel, Styler RBC, KP in Ukraine and on Facts ICTV .
All broadcasts are free!