Race Horizon Park


PR-maintenance the international cycling Race Horizon Park 2012-2016


Horizon Park Business Center and Ukrainian Cycling Federation


May 2012 – present time


The popularization of cycling in general and RaceHorizonPark cycle in Ukraine and in the world; the image formation of the cycle race, as main event on the Kiev Day, the attraction of the sponsors, state and local authorities to the organization of the cycle race.


The creation of the international press center, the media relations, the organization of regular press events within preparation and during the cycle race, the PR-consulting, SMM, the involvement of media partners, the development of visual style of each cycle race, the polygraphy and souvenirs, the outdoor advertizing, etc., the work with the authorities, sponsors and partners.


The annual growth of quantitative indicators (the participants, the countries, the publications and TV-materials in Ukraine and abroad); more than 6500 publications in Ukrainian and foreign media (for 5 years); the participation in the cycle race opening the top officials of the state (Ministers of Sport, Mayors of Kiev, Governors of the Region, etc.); the brand and action recognition among the media and audience.